Space Week October 3-7

earth from spaceCedar Point Elementary students will celebrate Space Week on October 3-7, 2016!  The United Nations Space Week theme is “Remote Sensing: Enabling Our Future.”  Information about photography from space, NASA, and the ISS will be incorporated into Cheetah Vision announcements and other activities around the school. See our Space Week flyer here.

On Monday, October 3, our students will be introduced to World Space Week, a celebration by the United Nations of various Space topics each year from October 4-10.

Tuesday, we will explore “Earthrise”, the making of the 1968 photograph of Earth as seen from the moon by Apollo 8 Astronauts.  Did you know this “most influential environmental photograph ever taken” was not part of the mission of Apollo 8?

Wednesday is “Space Walk to School Day” and students will learn about our place in the Solar System.  Plan to meet at the Iona Sound clubhouse so we can all walk to school together!

Thursday will be International Space Station Day as we learn about the astronauts on the ISS and what projects they are working on that involve Earth science.

On Friday, we will hold an assembly with a guest speaker and we will once again have our special Cheetah Paws with prizes.